My kids love chocolate. Well, I guess, whose kids DON’T like chocolate, right?

I can’t get Brannan to try any other gelato flavor besides chocolate. Maybe before we leave Europe he will try pistachio or white chocolate or tiramisu…

Unfortunately we couldn’t go trick-or-treating because France really isn’t too into Halloween. But, I have made a few good friends from England (where they embrace the Halloween holiday) and we were invited to two separate parties over this two week fall break that Brannan has from school (whew!!!). The parties were great fun – there was bobbing for tangerines and drawing faces on little tiny gourds for parents to carve out later. There were “sweetie cones” that held candies for the kids and evening “tea” (which is really dinner) that had witches fingers and blood and rat poo and fun stuff like that. But, for Brannan, it was spaghetti and meatballs because we found out at the last party he wouldn’t even TOUCH anything that had a scary name on it. He is so particular, it is pretty funny.

While we were driving home around 8pm, we saw one family walking around, dressed up in costumes. I have no idea where they were going trick-or-treating, maybe they were just going to a party, but I can’t imagine going to a house here in Provence/French country and asking for candy. I kindof missed the tradition – especially the Milk Duds and the Junior Mints and the Special Darks (all of which you can’t get here of course), oh and Skittles and Starbursts – oh, don’t get me started – I am craving American candy right now, but I guess it is good for me that I go without…

But, if you ever want to send a care package to me – hee hee, you know what to use as “filler”!

This morning I made plane reservations to go to London for the weekend to meet my sister! I am so excited I can barely wait. I can’t even imagine what it is going to be like flying on a plane without having to worry about two kids bothering other passengers, or when I can “safely turn on my portable device” so my 4 year old doesn’t freak out because he hasn’t been entertained for at least 20 minutes! I am going to be able to watch what I want to watch on my iPad! Listen to whatever I want! Eat wherever I want! Eat what I want without a 16-month old begging for the rest of it! Oh, the joy! Thank you to my dear husband for letting me get away for a long weekend and some “me” time. 10 days and counting!

On Sunday we went “camping.” It wasn’t the camping we are used to in Arizona. We were basically camped out in a petanque court next to a big parking area near some hiking trails. But, at least we got out of the house for a night and the kids had a little fun I think. Brannan got a new sleeping bag and he was super stoked to try it out – which was a very big accomplishment as he will not have ANY blanket covering him besides the three Bee blankets he has had since he was a baby. These blankets are amazing, but he is quickly getting to tall for them! They are baby-sized, so they aren’t much bigger than a few feet by a few feet. He has to basically sleep in the fetal position for the blanket to completely cover him. And – it gets pretty chilly here at night! I cover him up with proper bed comfortors and sheets and whatnot, but will always find them pushed down to the bottom of the bed in a super angry fashion in the morning. So, needless to say – after a TON of hype, he was happy to sleep in his new sleeping bag! In green – his favorite color!

He looks like he had a couple of cocktails in that picture – but really, just a bad picture. And, you can see the Bee blankets right next to him – just in case.

He was so excited to use his new sleeping bag that night, he asked to go to bed early – like literally 6:15 early (because we just changed our clocks back too, so it seemed later). It was dark anyway, so we didn’t mind too much.

Otherwise, we are 3/4 or the way through the 2-week fall break. I’m sure the little guy is really ready to go back to school – he is so bored around the house and there are only so many times you can go to the grocery store with your Mom and be totally bored of seeing the same things. Luckily, we have kept quite busy with play-dates and parties, so that has been nice.

I am still ready for an adult break! 10 more days!!!


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