Let them eat cakes

Friday was Halloween at Big Boy’s school.

I made the most delicious chocolate cupcakes for everyone with my Mom’s cute little decorations that she brought for me all the way from the states.

Everyone loved them – they are so super good and I highly recommend the recipe. It is a little unorthodox – the recipe – because it is super watery, but they come out so super delicous!

They are so good that I am entering the recipe in the annual baking book that they put together at school (along with this picture).

Anyway, Halloween at school was super cute. Kiki even got dressed up in her little kitty cat outfit!

We got invited to a little Halloween party this week too. It was raining cats and dogs outside but the party was so super awesome with treasures that the kids needed to find and buckets full of sweeties.

We have one more Halloween party to go to on the 31st which should also be fun! Big Boy is off of school all of this week and all of next week, so we are looking for things to keep him busy. We have done well so far.

School is keeping me busy! We have an annual Christmas bake sale and craft fair that I decided to organize (oh dear!) and I’m getting together flyers and sign-up sheets as well as making my hair bows to sell! The weather is definitely cooler and cloudier too – a welcomed change from me (but not everyone around here).

This morning we are starting French classes again so I need to go and finish my homework!


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