Since we live a stone’s throw from Grasse, we are very very close to all the smells that the city produces. Grasse is a major producer of over two-thirds of France’s natural aromas, perfume and food flavorings included. I wasn’t so in tune with it this summer. I’m not sure if it is because it was so warm, the scents just disappeared into the ether, but this past week and a half, the smells have been smacking me in the face!

Last Friday, I went outside and smelled patchoulli. If you know patchoulli, you seriously know it. There is no denying that smell. I was wandering around my backyard wondering if we had some crazy patchoulli flower, not even sure if there is one or if it is a sythetic fragrance, but I was so hit by that smell I couldn’t let it go! About a half hour later our French teacher arrived and she was telling me that all of the perfumeries also produce many “flavoring” byproducts so we will probably smell all sorts of different things. I was just so in awe that I was smelling such a scent in the early morning, so strongly, in my backyard!

Jump two days later, after I get back from dropping Brannan off at school, I’m picking up toys, doing laundry, all of a sudden I smell the strongest smell of teriyaki sauce! I seriously was in the living room, walked into the kitchen and looked around for some chicken skewers marinating in teriyaki sauce that I had forgot about! I walked outside and all I could smell was teriyaki sauce! UNBELIEVABLE!

So, this morning, Kinnerly wakes up from her morning nap, we put on our shoes, head out to the car, and all I can smell is STRAWBERRIES!!!! Like, your nose is smooshed up in the leaves and the berries and the earth – strawberries. I couldn’t believe it! I just kept walking around our front yard wondering how it smelled so good!

I hope I get to smell a lot more different things this winter! I think this summer the scents all disappeared. I mean, I could smell very strong things around the lumberyard down in the valley, but I wasn’t sure if it was the wood or what. But, I think, now I might have a bead on it all.

On another note, Brannan was jumping on the couch two days ago, running back and forth (please don’t tell the landlord, or daddy), and he kept saying to me “REGARDES! REGARDES!” and then he would say “Do you know what that means mom?” and I would say “No baby, what does that mean” and he said “It means LOOK AT ME!”

AND – it does!!!!

He is learning French! And, without my prompting!

And then, tonight, when we were doing his “homework” (which consists of tracing letters that I printed off of the internet), he finished one of his P’s and he said “mom, you are supposed to say “sooooopear” which is the French equivalent of super or good, but I just was shocked to hear him say that to me! It was seriously AWESOME! He is learning French words from school and actually retaining them. He always says “voila!” and will sometimes speak easy french words when he is playing with his cars by himself. It is so super awesome and I am so proud of him.

We had a picnic in the backyard on Friday night. It was fun (minus the constantly barking dog neighbors).

The kids enjoyed it. I am glad that the mosquitoes are dying off. I swear, there is this one renegade mosquito that lives in my bedroom, and he only comes out around 3AM. So, all of a sudden, I’ll develop a welt on my shoulder or my arm or my leg and it doesn’t itch nearly as much as the mosquitoes in the States, but, still, it wakes me up every damn morning. I’m getting itchy just typing this and I know that stupid mosquito is still somewhere in my bedroom even though the weather is turning chilly (only 10 degrees tonight!!!! celcius), but I don’t know why this one will not go away! Please leave me alone!

Otherwise, Kinnerly is growing so fast – two days ago she blew her first bubble! She was using her Tinkerbell bubble container and I was blowing air in her face and she just picked it up! Bubbles – down! And, today she said “apple” throughout the whole grocery store. Another word she has no problem with is “wow”. Suuuuuper cute when you see her saying “wow”.

I’m exhausted parenting by myself for only a week. Only two more to go! Whee! But, excited my own parents are coming in two days!

Au revoir! Bonne nuit!


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