The wind is blowing today – thankfully. It is blowing all of the smoke out of the area. In France, people like to burn their yard trimmings instead of taking them to the dump (not even sure if there is a dump anywhere around here). So, from October until April or May, I am not sure when the cutoff is, you will see gray smoke coming from properties all over the place, and of course, you can reallly smell it. I don’t really like the smell too much, especially when it penetrates the house causing me to close up all the windows. But, like I said, the wind is blowing today, clearing out all that smoke and showing us the blue sky.

Last weekend we went to Île Sainte-Marguerite which is right off the coast of Cannes. It was a great little day trip and I think the kids had a good time. They were so tired by the end of the day that they were asleep in the car within minutes.

The day after we went down to Antibes to try to go out for breakfast. We knew of one restaurant that served “English Breakfast” which is basically eggs, hashbrowns, toast, bacon – you know, the all-American breakfast, and I also knew of an English pub that has breakfast available too. I wanted to try the pub first because I ate lunch there one day with Kinnerly and it was really good – so we find a parking spot after about 20 minutes of driving around (crazy!!!) and head to the pub and lo and behold, there is a rugby or soccer game on! That place was packed to the hilt! It isn’t really that big in the first place, but there wasn’t a place to sit down in the entire restaurant. So, we headed over to the “Vielle Village” (old town) area where the market is and tried another restaurant – it was empty in there so we found a spot. Breakfast was ok, but it certainly wasn’t Harlow\'s. I am missing me some good old-fashioned diner/bar food!

After breakfast, we headed over to the market to walk around. I saw these beautiful courgette blossoms:

And these weird babies that were for sale. They are made of ceramic and you can bend the legs and arms, but I am not sure why there were so many of them and they were all beat up and battered and missing heads and legs. It was strange.

This morning Kinnerly and I walked around Valbonne after dropping Brannan off at school. The weekly market in on Fridays and you can tell that winter is coming by the change in the vendor’s merchandise. Now there are all different types of mushrooms in the legumes section and scarves at every other booth.

Oh, and the other night I made a quiche-kindof thing for dinner. The kids hated it.

Honestly, I didn’t like it too much either, but I can’t feed them hot dogs and frozen vegetables every night! Heh.

Even if they didn’t like my cooking that night, they are still darn cute!


3 thoughts on “October

  1. I remember that Harlows. With the bacon stuffed waffles… Yummy!
    Isn’t it fun when the kids hate what you cook. I am sticking to spaghetti and fish sticks while Lee is gone.
    I love the creepy baby picture!

  2. Your little peanuts are so adorable! Tell Brannan he’ll be a very handsome old man with that white beard. And Kinnerly’s big blue eyes are stunners. I can’t believe how she’s growing. She doesn’t really look like a baby any more!

  3. Those doll bodies are scary, I may have nightmares. Kinnerly looks like she has turned into a little girl, no longer a baby. I know it must be tough there on your own, but you are so lucky, what an amazing opportunity. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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