The end of September

Wow, September is already coming to a close.

We haven’t been doing too much lately as Daddy has been back in the states for some work obligations.

Kinnerly has really taken on the whole “French Attitude” including walking around with her hands behind her back. It is hilarious! You will see French people doing that all over the place. Usually because they have nowhere special to go, aren’t in any hurry and are usually watching other people while walking at a snail’s pace.

Kinnerly walks a bit faster than the locals (hence the fairly blurry pics), but I find it so funny that she has taken to walking with her hands like this.

The weather is perfect right now. Mid 70’s during the day and in the 50’s at night. Just cool enough to have to close the doors now when we go to bed, but the days are wonderful. Kinnerly wants to go play outside ALL the time! She will bring me her shoes from our shoe pile, then get my shoes from the shoe pile (matching, surprisingly!), and even bring me Daddy’s shoes. So, we put them on and play out in the front yard where she can fill up her sand buckets with little rocks and draw with chalk on the tiny patch of cement in front of the garage.

This, however, is my most favorite poses that all toddlers take. It is awesome. They aren’t sitting down, but are close enough to the ground to do whatever they need to do. They can hang out in this position for long stretches of time – it is just amazing how bendy and flexible little kids are.

But, when they are all hunched down, concentrating on little rocks and their little diaper stick out of their pants and you can see that little tiny bum, it is my absolute favorite!

Brannan has been having a lot of fun at school and has really been learning a lot. He can trace all of the letters and numbers on the tracing pages and is starting to eat big meals now! He isn’t such a picky little bird-eater anymore. This one morning I made some pancakes and he had a bowl of cereal, about 6 pancakes and about 6 pieces of bacon! I don’t know where he puts it all!

Here he is helping me make some shrimp scampi for dinner. He got a fancy Cars apron so now he wants to help me cook all the time so he can wear his apron! (Thanks Auntie!)

Otherwise, the days are getting shorter – we are waking up to go to school while it is still dark out and getting into the bath when the sun is almost gone. I think the days are going to get quite a bit darker around these parts during the winter – but I’m excited to wear jeans and sweaters and scarves! Oh, the scarves! The French sure do like to wear scarves with everything and you can buy them everywhere – even at the big grocery stores.

We are savoring the moments with Daddy, too, because soon he will be gone on another work trip – this time a really long one, but I am really excited for my parents to come out and visit while he is away. It will be awesome! And, the kids are excited too!

And, it is pretty official. We live here.

At least for a little while…


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