Who uses the flashlight app to check on their kids at night?

I totally do!

Well, of course, these were snapped with the camera and flash, but I had to sneak into their rooms first and check on them to make sure they were sleeping before I took pictures of them!

I don’t know what I would do without my iPhone. It is awesome! And thank you to my wonderful SIL for turning me onto it. It works better than my point-and-shoot camera, it has fun camera apps, it can TRANSLATE FRENCH for me!!! Yes, when you are in a French hospital and no one speaks English and you need antibiotics for a boy who has a terrible case of tonsilitis, holding up your iPhone with the perfectly (maybe not so perfect, but enough) translated words can really lower your blood pressure. Also, it can help you not to order the calf’s brain raviolis at dinner. Ok, that hasn’t happened yet, but I will know to avoid it if I don’t understand the words.

Anyway, I love my phone and I will probably always have one from here on out.

Sorry, honey, be prepared for the invoice…


One thought on “Flashlight

  1. I use the flashlight app in my driveway at night after work. So I don’t accidentally walk into a bicycle or a powersaw…I Love my iPhone too!!

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