Shriek out

So, since nick-naming Kinnerly “Kiki”, we have had many different variations pop up for the little girl.

Here are just a few:
Keekers Sneakers
Shrieky Kiki
And any and all others that rhyme with the above mentioned.

The reason we started calling her Shrieky, though, is because, BOY, can this girl scream! When she is mad about something, she has the highest-pitched scream that literally pierces your ears. You know when you have that split second when something is so loud, your ears automatically turn it down for you? Well, with this very loud (all tile, blank-walled, plate glass floor to ceiling sliding doors) house, her screams really do make your ears hurt.

So, when I made this picture with a fun little app, it was just so appropriately Shrieky…

She is still adorable though.

When she isn’t shrieking.


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