Fête de la rentrée country

For some reason the French like their “wild west” festivals. This is the second one we have stumbled upon since being here. And, this one was a LOT better than the first one! We headed to Mougins for their Cowboy and Indians festival.

We got suited up at home with the minimal bits we could find. Kinnerly donned her Carhartt overalls that were originally her brothers that were originally Briar’s (or maybe a gift from Briar? Or a gift form the Montana Beers?).

Anyway, she got suited up!

Then, (after realizing that a TON of stuff is in storage in Arizona that we could’ve really used – like funny hats and wigs and silly things like that), we loaded up into the car and found the shuttle stop to take us to the adventure!

We walked in and got fun feathered headbands since the theme was “cowboys and indians”.

There was “cowboy soccer” (although we didn’t get to witness any of it):

And silly cutouts for picture-taking:

This was super funny – so B goes up to the bar/crepe/gelato stand and gets us a couple of beers and the two guys strike up a convo with him.
Them: So, zhoo musht be a rrreal cowboy?
B: Well, no, not really, but I am from Arizona.
Them: Ahhhh! Etats-Unis! Zhoo are rrreal cowboy! Vee, vee are only Frrrrench cowboys!
B: Uh, yeah, well, maybe?
And then they talked for a couple of minutes longer about who knows what, but it was funny to see B with his huge cowboy hat on talking to these French cowboys at a cowboy festival. And, notice the GIANT dog in the foreground? It was HUGE!

So, we hung out for a little while, watched the kids throw hay at each other, watched some line dancing and enjoyed a cloudy day.

We had a couple of (terrible) beers – seriously, I don’t know the draw to Corona, and they sell it HERE!!! Notice Kinnerly dancing in the middle of the beers? Ahhh, so cute!

And then it started to drizzle. It was a rainy weekend here in the South of France – highly unusual, but I welcomed it! So, we made our way back to the shuttle stop and headed on down the road…


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