Her legs are the same color as mine! She has a tan that most French people would die for. Brannan does too! I have an awesome picture of his white bum and his tan back, but I’m not sure I should post it. He might be really mad at me in about 4 or 5 years.

I don’t ever “work” on my tan. It just sort of happens. I was blessed with the olive skin that comes from wherever my ancestors came from. A little Italian, a little whoknowswhere, not really sure, but for some reason, I don’t burn, I just get tan.

I have slathered on the sunscreen on both kids all summer, but, for some reason, they just get so tan! Kinnerly has these little white bits on the backside of her knees that don’t get tan because of her little chubby legs – it is the cutest thing in the world. Reminds me that I need to take a pictue of that.

Ok, ok. I guess it is just a little bum, and I can always remove this post, but, seriously, you have to see this bum!!!!

Well, anyway, we haven’t been up to much lately. We decorated some cupcakes this week because someone had a hankering for sweets – not sure who that was – and, still haven’t found a dentist in the area…

The boys went out today for some golfing while I hung around with Kinnerly and practiced her “mama’s” and “dada’s”

Video on request…

And, things feel a little more “official” since I put our name out on the buzzer:


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