Lost in translation

I had to buy a car when we got back from our Visa trip to the states and I had to buy one REALLY FAST.

So, enter a whirlwind of trying to buy a car, driving over an hour one way to see a car, only to find out that it was a P.O.S. and then it was hot and the kids were cranky and we didn’t have any food for them in the car and had an hour drive back home. Oh, and add on top of that another hour driving around random roads looking at used cars – but, since it was Saturday afternoon, nothing was open so I couldn’t actually buy a car if I really wanted one anyway.

BUT – as I was texting people in broken Frenglish, I did come across somthing that totally made my day.

The best.text.ever!

Let me translate that for you…

It says: “Groundhog and put the foil in chocolate!”

Yes indeed – thank you for your help with your BMW…

C’est la vie!


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