A castle and Lake Como

On our way out of the Alps, we saw this castle and decided to check it out. It was a short little walk up to the entrance and we don’t really know much about it or anything since it was just kinda there, but it had an amazing view of the valley and the mountains – a perfect place for a castle – so you knew if any invaders were on their way!

Then we headed down to Lake Como – it is a HUGE lake with a lot to see – we just didn’t have the time – but, luckily, it isn’t very far from us, so I suspect we will be headed back there at some point.

We had lunch in the little town square, got a few little knick-knacks and then headed down to the lake for a swim. It isn’t a “beachy” lake, in fact, this is probably one of the few little beaches that you can hang out in. The lake comes right up to the mountains, so roads and houses are built right up to the shore.

We wanted to rent a boat to take out for a couple of hours, but all of them were reserved for the weekend.

Next time!

After that, we wanted to check out Portofino, but got denied because we had a trailer on our car and I guess the village is so small, you aren’t allowed to bring trailers into the village.

The road was so crazy it was literally LINED with scooters and motorcycles and the beaches were packed with bodies. We were in the thick of the “August holidays” that the Europeans are known for and it seemed like this part of the Italian Riviera was where everyone was! And, we wanted to be too, but, we couldn’t. That’s ok though, we can always go back, it is only a 3 or 4 hour drive from our home so we can make it back anytime. I was actually thinking of leaving the dog at home and taking the train down and staying for a weekend. That would be a lot less stress!

So, we headed home and are getting ready for a new school year. I am excited for Brannan to go back to school. He really loved the two months he had before summer – it is much more of a structured school rather than the daycare he had in the States. Plus, he really misses his friends!

In the meantime, he is playing with his sister as much as he can.


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