The rest of the trip

So, I just had to start this post with a picture of ME! I rarely have any pictures of me, and I just happened to be going through B’s pictures since he plugged it into my computer and actually found a couple of good ones of me! Wow! Go figure!

Brannan and I were kicking it up on the table before we headed out on our Rheinfall adventure!

But, after that, we headed over to Germany for a little tour around.

We found this really cool fountain. It was a little warm and Brannan wanted to trounce around in the water.

After that adventure, we headed off to lunch, and since we were in Germany, we had to have Schnitzel and Spaetzel! It was SO GOOD! I swear, probably one of the best meals I have had so far in Europe. I know, it isn’t super elaborate or anything, but it really hit the spot.

Plus, we had beer…

And Kinnerly ate all of my spaetzel!

Germany was awesome. After that, we even drove into Austria! I totally wanted to go and visit the hill where Julie Andrews spun around and sung her song in the Sound of Music, but, alas, there was no time.

And, like this post, there is no more time to post anything else. I promise – Lake Como tomorrow!


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