The Rhein

After the Swiss Pyramid we headed out again and found a campground along the Rhine river, just a stone’s throw from the Germany border. We deiced to stay at this campground for a couple of days – or, mainly I did, because frankly, I was getting sick and tired of packing and unpacking every single day. Granted, our tent isn’t hard to put up, the beds aren’t hard to inflate, but by the time you take everything down and put it back up again, it is at least an hour or so for all of it. And, not to mention we need to be in a campground before it is dark because usually everyone has closed up shop for the day. That is why we didn’t get too far on our journey, but, far enough I think.

Anyway, we found this nice campground along the Rhein and decided to explore around here for a little bit.

Brannan feeding the ducks – are they Swiss or German or Lichtensteinian? Who knows…

There was this little village a short walk from our campground and it was beautiful. The whole interior of it was painted with these elaborate paintings. It was a great find just a walk away!

This is the view from across the other side of the Rhine back into Switzerland. Since we were already on day 4 or so (I think), we were absolutely completely out of groceries and ice. Stores do not carry ice in Europe. It is the craziest thing. Well, there are a few stores around my house that I know carry ice, but when we were traveling, I couldn’t find any. I asked at the little tiny grocery store for ice and one guy thought I meant ice cream. But, then the lady checking me out said I could go to a store over in Germany and she was pretty sure they carried ice. She told me the name of the store, and of course, my Nuvi didn’t know it, so I just kindof drove over the river and checked out the little village (Dad and the kids were back at the campground hanging out and playing) and all of a sudden, voila!, there it was, the store that only carried beverages (and Captain Morgan – thank you Germany, I love you) and ice. I bought two bottles of Captain because I have yet to find it here in France and 4 bags of ice. She rang me up and told me they didn’t take credit cards. WHAT???? Luckily I had enough Euros and Swiss Franks in my wallet to cover everything. I had to pay part in Euros and part in Franks. It was kinda funny.

Crossing over the river I saw this vending machine:

Yep – full of smokes. The Europeans still love their cigs.

After our morning of the little village, we decided to head to the Rheinfall.

See that little rock formation out in the middle of the falls? Yep, there are people out there!

You can take a little shuttle out to the middle and climb up the steps to the top. Since little babies and dogs were not allowed on the boats, Brannan and I got to go!

Here is a view from our boat heading straight into the dock.

The climb up is literally only about one person wide and these shuttles drop like 30 or 40 people off almost every 10 or 15 minutes. It is really crazy. There isn’t any room to move around and I was terrified Brannan was going to slip on the stairs because they were all wet and super steep.

But, he made it all the way to the top and there is barely enough room for 6 people. And everyone is so pushy, I just snapped this picture and headed down as quickly as I could. Someone really needs to build a better viewing deck up there!

It was super fun though and I can’t even imagine how busy it must get on the weekends!

Next up: Germany and Lichtenstein and Lake Como!


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