Part 2 of our holiday

Bring on SwitzerLAND!

When you enter into Switzerland, they don’t believe in those silly tollbooths every 3 miles. Instead, they will just charge you for an entire year, whatever time of year you enter – you need to buy their sticker or else you aren’t allowed in. One sticker per item with wheels. One sticker worth 40Euro. So, we just crossed the border and already are into it with 80Euro. Good for them I guess. Plus, all those toll booths in France and kinda annoying. I mean you always have to stop and fish around for money or your credit card. It is just easier paying a one-year fee.

But, Switzerland is gorgeous and definitely worth the sticker fee.

The clouds were still looming, so we didn’t get too far into Switzerland, but we found a campground that was tucked waaaaay in to this little teeny tiny town (I was actually very apprehensive about where our Nuvi was taking us), but once we got there and set up our camp, we could see some of the most amazing mountains. Who knew we were knee-deep into the Swiss Alps? I really didn’t! We were just sort of driving by the whim of our iPhone maps and the crappy Europe wall map that we brought with us.

After a night of more drizzling rain, it seemed that the clouds were finally going to scoot past us. So, I headed down for a shower and stopped by the front office to check out some flyers. There I found a flyer for the Niesen. Who knew that we ended up camping only 5 minutes away from the Swiss Pyramid?

So, we packed up and headed over to the funicular. We checkout out the tickets and they let Zeffie and the kids on for FREE! Extra score!

This is the little funicular car that is used to get up the mountain:

The ride was awesome! And gorgeous! Zeffie was a little freaked out by the whole deal, but it was so fun!

We were kindof unprepared for the trip in that both B and I were wearing Chacos sandals and no fleeces or hats. The kids were layered up with whatever long sleeved clothes I had bothered to pack on a “just in case” whim. I realized I packed terribly wrong for this trip. I packed like we were going to be camping in the South of France, not the Swiss Alps! But, hey, you never know when you will be in Switzerland again, huh?

I am in desperate need of a new camera. Those little curly q’s in the frame are really bothering me! I can’t clean them out for some reason though. Boo!

Still, the scenery was gorgeous!
Here’s Daddy pointing to the “vache” (cows) on the hillsides for Brannan.

Once we got to the top it was absolutely FREEZING! I was wearing Kinnerly in my Moby-wrap thing which was helping keep us both warm and we could barely stay outside for more than a few minutes. B took off to the top with my backpack so I didn’t have a chance to grab my camera at the top! I didn’t want to keep Kinnerly outside for very long because she didn’t have a hat and it was drizzling icy rain on us, so we headed inside to the restaurant/gift shop.

There we had a huge bowl of tomato cream soup, some delicious dark bread and a couple of beers. Oh, and Brannan had some hot chocolate. It was great. And Zeffie even came inside to the restaurant too!

I’m not sure how long the whole ride lasted, probably about 45 minutes or so. We actually had to change cars mid-way up. There is a little house build up there and you switch cars and tracks for the second half. It was really fun and worth the stop over.

After we got back down, we had a “picnic” in the back of the trailer before we headed out again to our next stop.

Next up – the Rhine River!


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