Part of our holiday

We started off our holiday headed to Switzerland. Of course, we were late out of the gate and didn’t leave home until about 1pm. That is a really late start for us, but we had to run around town getting last-minute items like a license plate for the new trailer and a few other bits and pieces. But, we did get out and after a pretty long windy drive, we decided on our first campground. It seems that you can’t just pull over and camp anywhere like you can in the States. So, unfortunately, we were in developed campgrounds the whole time. It wasn’t so bad though, because every morning (at least in the French campgrounds) a delivery of fresh pastries would roll up to the front of the campground for you to buy your daily baguette or a chocolate croissant! Yum!

This guy rolled up with chocolate croissants and buttery raisin danishes that were delicious!

Here we are at our first campground – with all of our stuff in tow!

Here is the campground pool – but it was a bit too chilly for our desert blood.

And, Kiki eating her buttery raisin danish for breakfast.

We headed out on the road and drove through miles and miles of farm fields. There were fruit and legume stands everywhere selling bits from the farms. I picked up a kilo of these cherries for only 2 Euro. A steal when they are usually about 5 Euro in the supermarkets. And, they were so red they were literally black. They stained my fingers as I pitted them for Kinnerly to eat. Brannan freaked out on them because he doesn’t like getting his fingers stained, so he would barely touch them.

We headed a little futher on the road, but didn’t get too far because, well, we really weren’t in any hurry, and we got up late, and it took a long time to eat our croissants and whatnot.

We stopped alongside the road at one of the “Snack” stands that are all along the freeway and had a quick lunch. And, by quick, it probably took an hour and fifteen to have lunch. France doesn’t do “quick”. But, that’s ok, because we weren’t in any hurry!

The clouds were looming too, so I didn’t feel like we needed to find a campground anytime really soon, so we drove and started to see some gorgeous mountains.

We found another camping spot. When we drove up to it Brannan proclaimed “THIS LOOKS LIKE A FARM!” and, indeed, it pretty much was a farm with cows and goats and chickens and a huge barn. But, there was camping too, and that is where we stayed that night.

We cooked dinner under drizzling skies and under a sun shade shipped all the way from the States (thankwhoeveritis that we had that thing!).

Kinnerly ate her cherries and her tomatoes and everything else we put on her plate.

My awesome French kitchen:

So, we went to bed that night and slept through the most torrential rainstorm I have ever been in a tent for. I seriously thought that we were going to float away it was so hard and heavy. It almost sounded like hail, that rain! We had a few minor leaks in the morning, but we survived and I can’t even believe that our crappy Target one-season tent made it through that mad rainstorm.

So, off we were again. I think at that point we were still in France, but don’t really remember.

But, this is leaving our campsite:

Next up: SwitzerLAND – emphasis on the LAND (as Brannan and Daddy say).


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