Back from our holiday

So, it seems that the entire EU is on holiday during the month of August.

We also took part in the August holiday.

We camped around the Swiss Alps for about 8 days.

It was rainy in the beginning, but gorgeous throughout.

I am still sorting through photos and trying to get my mountain of laundry under control.

Also, I’m trying to get the kids back into a sleeping routine. They were all over the map with sleep during the holiday. That is ok, of course, but catching them back up with their schedule has been a little trying.

The Alps are gorgeous and some of them still have snow on them!

I haven’t even begun to tell you about our trip, but laundry calls, and the beach calls too. We are off for an afternoon/evening trip to la plage for a swim and some time in the sand.

But, a funny tidbit: during the long drives when we didn’t want to listen to the rambling swedish radio stations, we would get Brannan all excited by telling him that we were on a quest to find Candy Mountain.

We saw a LOT of mountains, and ate quite a bit of candy too, but didn’t seem to find Candy Mountain.

Maybe next time…


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