Le Dîner et au revoir

Since Kinnerly has been back in full swing with eating, she is loving pretty much everything. She will devour every ripe cherry tomato in my garden before dinner is even ready. Although, one of her favorites right now is mashed potatoes!

She really gets into it.

She grabs a handful with her tiny little fist, then SQUEEZES as hard as she can and watches as the potatoes make little snakes through her tiny little fingers.

She can eat about 4 huge scoops of the stuff before I try to distract her with green beans or broccoli, or, if I’m lucky, the last remaining cherry tomatoes from that day’s harvest.

Granted – a LOT ends up in her high chair, in her hair and on her clothes, but, hey, she enjoys it, and gets a little fun out of it too!

There isn’t much going on with us right now. We got our trailer today so we should be packing up and heading out tomorrow. We have tentatively decided to head to Milan, Lake Como and then up through Switzerland. I can’t wait to take a drive out of town.

Last night I fell down the stairs after I went to check on Brannan. Well, luckily it was only about the last 5 of the stairs. They are made entirely of tile and don’t have any hand rails (no US codes and regulations here!), and are kinda slippery when you hit them just right. So, yeah, I fell down five of them last night and I now have a bruise about as big as a sheet of paper on my left lower back. It really hurts. But, luckily I wasn’t carrying Kinnerly at that point.

And, I am a little homesick right now because one of my best friends is moving out of Arizona. When we left for France, I kindof always thought that when we would return, we would go on living life like it was – with our friends and family all in the same places, with the same phone numbers, with the same routines we knew and worked around. I knew in the back of my head that this would never happen, but it was hard for me to actually realize. I always said to myself “eh, three years is NOTHING! We will be back so fast! It isn’t forever!” But, now with things changing ever so fast, I’m getting all nostalgic for the fun times we had. It is kindof like when you are watching your kids, thinking they will never outgrow this phase, or get out of diapers, or walk, but all of a sudden, people change, circumstances change, and our “normal” isn’t so normal anymore. I know that change is good and I know everything will work out the way it is supposed to work out, but I can’t help thinking of the “good old days.”

We had many, many fun times.

Bonne chance mon ami!


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