About town

We are due to go on our “holiday” soon, but we still don’t have everything we need – including a hitch for our car and a little thing called a trailer – because, since we are Americans – we don’t travel light. We have two kids and a dog. And, said dog needs a huge Kirkland-sized-Costco bed to travel along with us, which pretty much takes up the whole back area of my Touraeg. And, then, we will need camping chairs, a stove, a tent, an EZ-up, cooking pots and pans and forks and knives and food and snacks and coolers and swimming stuff and oh.my.gosh. whatever the hell else we can fit into a little car and a trailer that we don’t have yet.

So, needless to say, I took the kids to the Marche Fourville again today in hopes of finding Brannan another marzipan pig.

He was devastated that there wasn’t a marzipan stand there. Only fruits and vegetables (yuck!). He knew immediately that we were at a different market. As soon as we walked into the giant breezeway building, he said “mom, this isn’t the market with the pigs!” And, I just had to keep reassuring him, “we’ll find something for you baby, don’t worry, I bet there has to be someone here with marzipan pigs!”

Instead, we found a delicious patissiere that had so many different flavors of macarons!

Oh, and other desserts too.

God, look at those raspberries coated with sugar! To die for!

And then there is the nougat!

Well, we had to head home and make dinner and get ready for swimming in the pool and then our French lessons, but, before we left, I quickly dove into the BEST boulangerie EVAH! I think it is somewhat of a chain, but I haven’t had bread this good since I’ve been here! Yanno, baguettes are just sort of ho-hum, crusty on the outside, white and pillowy on the inside, but nothing to rave about really. You have one for 45 centimes, you have them all. But, this one! OH.YES!

It was slightly crusty on the outside, but not so much that the crust would flake off and fall to the ground. It was like a sourdough-kinda crust. Firm, but would stay in place. And the interior! Oh, so soft and pillowy and spongy!!!! That is the best part – the sponge part! Normally, baguettes are fluffy and full of air – this one was spongy and will hold butter and jam so well. I can’t wait for the morning when I have it for breakfast.

And then I made dinner.

I had some bleu cheese and decided to make a salad dressing with it. Note that there aren’t salad dressing aisles here. You make your own flavor with whatever you have and you want. You really have to be creative.

And, I grabbed this stuff from my garden!

My lettuce is kindof bitter, so I have to cut it with some other store-bought lettuce or else we will be making pucker faces at each other for the whole dinner – but it is something I GREW! How awesome is that?

It turned out well. I grilled some veggies that I bought at the market today and had the salad and also made some macaroni and cheese for the kids.

All in all – it was a good day.

And now, there is one macaron left in the refrigerator for me! Vanilla!



3 thoughts on “About town

  1. I am not sure if you aware of my intense love of Marzipan but I could seriously eat a whole pound at once. We would always have it at my grandmas. Brannan has excellent taste!

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