Fireworks and Sand

This weekend was one of the many weekends that there has been a fireworks display going off in the Bay de Cannes. We have really been reluctant to go down there just because it starts so late and the traffic and parking is so crazy, especially with two children, but this weekend, we got invited to one of B’s co-worker’s houses to watch from his balcony. And, WOW, what a view he has!

The fireworks were really cool, although we were a bit away – it was so much nicer having a space to hang out in, a clean bathroom at our disposal and wine to drink!

It was a great night. Brannan fell asleep before Kiki did! I couldn’t believe it! He was fast asleep on my legs while Kinnerly crawled around the empty (poor guy still hasn’t had his stuff arrive!!!!) apartment.

So, the next day we headed back down to the beach for a day full of sand and water and sun.

We had been shopping all around at the outdoors shops (oh man, so far and few between as far as selection goes), trying to get enough camping equipment to last us for our big August trip. We have almost everything we need, but are really missing all of our camping stuff that should have been shipped over here. The longer I think about the things in my old house, the more I realize what was in the “France” pile and what was in the “Arizona” pile and what really didn’t make it. But this was such a learning experience, if we ever have to do it again, I will know EXACTLY what to do to prepare for such a move. I was so ill-prepared. But, that is another story.

Back to the beach!

We dug a sand chair out for Dad while he was at the snack shack getting a Croque Monsieur for lunch…

Kinnerly had to try it out…

And Brannan made his own… (really, he just smooshed around a little bit of sand and said “how’s mine Mommy?”)

Brannan and Daddy even jumped off of the pier! It took quite some convincing, but they did it. While Kinnerly and I sat in the shade of the umbrella.

And finally, since the teething and the tonsilitis have left our house – that little tooth is making its way in!

This week we are getting ready for our road trip. We haven’t really nailed down anything specific except I think we are going to head towards Milan, maybe do a few things in the city, then head to Lake Como and do a couple days of camping there, then head to Switzerland. I think we are just going to play it by ear. And, I have no idea how everything is going to fit into the car…


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