When we drove to Carcassone we saw fields and fields of sunflowers (tournesols).

We had to stop to get a picture!

More on the castle and the road trip later.

These days have been long for me with a very very fussy teething baby. I think she might have turned the corner though (of course when I was at my wits end and had to just leave the house today at 4pm as soon as B walked in the door. Literally, dropped everything and LEFT because I couldn’t handle the crying and the whining). Bath time was actually FUN! Wow! Go figure! She isn’t clinging to me anymore! I have 5 minutes in the house to myself! Ok, maybe someone saw the signs today when I had tears in my eyes and said “I just need to get away by myself for an hour!”

Whatever happened, not sure, but I think something happened and the weekend might be a bit better than this week.

Try getting French car insurance with a wailing baby on your lap and a toddler begging to play games on your iPhone! All in the space of a master bedroom in an old village built in 1200 AD with two other people trying to work…

I think I’ll go jump in the pool tonight.

A demain! (until tomorrow)


4 thoughts on “Tournesol

  1. I have been fretting about her ever since I saw those dinner-plate eyes filled with sorrowful tears. Hopefully she is back to her bright and happy self!

  2. I second that! Glad the teething is getting better, I forget how easy I had it with Stephen Michael(Sandi’s brother) Keep up the blog it is wonderful to be along with you on your french adventure.

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