Le jardin

The garden is growing fast – and being eaten alive by all the little things that live around here. I’m not sure who or what is eating my baby watermelons (literally only like half of a pinky-fingernail big, but a watermelon nonetheless – one that I’ve never been able to grow before!!!!), and there are snails on everything! One day, Brannan was out in the garden (the yard) and he was swinging his plastic t-ball bat against one of the palm trees, and with every swing, a little rainshower of snails fell off the tree. It was kinda funny.

Anyway, this is the garden:

Here is (or was) one of my tiny little watermelons. Now it is gone.

But, at least there are more flowers on the vine that will hopefully grow into little watermelons!

I have a MONSTER concombre growing!

And, Kinnerly and I like to wander out there after she gets up from a nap and snack on the ripe cherry tomatoes. Since no other family members like tomatoes as much as we do, we will glady pluck the warm little guys and pop them in our mouths. I love watching her face when they explode in her mouth.

There really is nothing like a warm cherry tomato plucked straight from the vine, wiped on your shirt, and eaten right then and there. Heaven I tell ya. Thank you, Dad, for growing all of those tomatoes back in Bakersfield!

And, of course, we have basil to accompany the tomatoes. I usually have Caprese salad for lunch. A staple around here.

We have quite a bit of lettuce. I thought that the first row was going to be Romaine lettuce, but it is a form of butter lettuce and it has turned out quite bitter. I have to make a special sweet dressing to offset the bitterness, but, hey, it is better than buying a head of lettuce at the store!

Last night I made breaded chicken tenders with a garlicky-orzo pasta salad and a green salad with tomatoes (from my garden, yeah!), cucumbers, a little bit of lettuce, blue cheese and some onion. I mixed a balsamic vinaigrette up with a little bit of dijon mustard, olive oil, condensed baslamic and a touch of sugar and pepper. It was suuuuuuper good! I wish I had enough ingredients for tonight’s dinner, but alas, no blue cheese! Yes, I know, in the land of France, I ran out of blue cheese. Pshaw. Well, we were gone for the weekend and stuff spoils here so fast so I tried to empty out the fridge before we left. I’ll just have to get some more at the store.

Today is windy and gorgeous. Like 75 degrees. The wind is blowing all of the haze out of the area and it is fabulous. We went to Nice today to shop at the antique market, but, there really aren’t too many antiques, it is more like a little flea market. I did get a couple little treasures though, between complaining and fussy children. Kinnerly isn’t liking this teething right now and she is inconsolable. So, that is my cue – have to go…


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