Aujourd’hui (today) is my favorite French word. I am not sure why, maybe it is because there is a “j” and an “h” and it is long and split up with an apostrophe. Whatever the case, I love that word – and especially because it means TODAY! Today is the day that we need to be present in, to remember to enjoy the little things, to remember to take a look around and REALLY LOOK. Take it all in and take a mental snapshot of things that I’ve never seen before.

But, before I get to today, I should tell you about yesterday (hier). Yesterday was a good day. We had friends over for lunch and pool time. Three Moms (including me) and 6 kids made for an eventful day. They all played with the toys as if it was Christmas, we had a little lunch and then swam for a bit. It was so nice being able to make friends with other women here. I hope we can build lasting friendships.

For dinner we went to Valbonne to grab a bite to eat. We went to the same restaurant that we went with my sister to, but since it was dinner time, we had a different menu. I picked the pasta special which was probably the second best meal I’ve had in France so far. It was AMAZING! So, it starts out with some linguine, some scallops and some shrimp. They cook it in a spicy cream sauce, then bring the whole dish outside to a gigantic wheel of parmiaganno reggiano that has been sort of hollowed out into a bowl. They dump the hot pasta mixture into the wheel of cheese, swirl it around for about 30 seconds, then dump it into your dish!

It was deliciously amazing and the sauce was just begging to be mopped up by the bread that they put on the table.

So, back to aujourd’hui. Today, the baby ate about half a canteloupe and a container full of raspberries before we set out on our car search.

See that little tiny white speck on her bottom gum line? Yep! That’s it! Her first tooth popping in! She was pretty unsettled today in the car – usually she is super happy or asleep in the car, but she was pretty fussy the whole drive. I’m blaming it on that little white speck.

But, I need to keep this picture close! The last days of her gummy smile! I can’t believe it!

So, we went on our huge car-search adventure to Toulon (about an hour and some drive). It was unsuccessful. And, the beauty of it all is that I need to find a car to buy before Tuesday. This is not going to be easy in France, where things of this nature take weeks, even months. Things here move sloooooowwwwwlllly, like the little snails that live in my backyard.

After the car-search, we headed to the beach for an evening meet-up with a friend and some sand and beers. It was lovely. And, a great end to the day.

But, I’m tired and headed off to bed with pictures of today in my head. Spinning Brannan in circles on the sand until he falls down. Catching Kinnerly seconds before a wave soaks her shirt. Feeding her chocolate croissants in her carseat.

All moments to remember, even if they are insignificant at the time.

Bonne nuit.


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