Our first visitor!

My sister came to visit us last weekend. It was a blast having someone else here to share things with. Although she was only here for the shortest amount of time, at least she stopped by to visit! We didn’t have very much time, so I didn’t want to drag her around or make her sit in the car for too long – plus, there is the whole “kid” thing that we have to deal with – it isn’t so easy going non-stop with a 12-month old and a 3-year old. And, of course, wouldn’t you know it, the 3-year old was sure in a fine mood while she was here. I swear, I don’t know what gets into him, but it seems like whenever he is supposed to be on good behavior for others, it turns out the opposite. When it is just him and me and his sister during the week, doing our thing, he is usually as easy as pie, but throw another family member into the mix, there were times when he was acting like a little spoiled 3-year old! Oh, wait, maybe I just answered my own question…

Anyway, the first night we went down to Cannes proper to experience “La Croisette” which is the beach walkway that is the place to see and be seen. Although I didn’t spot any movie stars or anything, there were plenty of things to keep the kids entertained.

Brannan is checking out his new Jack Sparrow look.

Kinnerly doesn’t like that little dangly thing hanging from her beard.

But, after walking around a bit and dipping our toes in the Mediterranean Sea, we went for a little bite to eat. Everything was delicious, and sorry, I forgot to take pictures of dinner!

After a nice dinner and a ride on the carousel, we headed home.

The next day we went to Valbonne to walk around the Vieux Village, have a glass of wine and have a light lunch.

I ordered stuffed mushrooms and my sister ordered escargots.

Both dishes arrived at the table in the same manner – dishes with carved out holes for the edibles. And, they were both coated in a delicious garlicky-butter sauce.

I was perfectly happy until my sister plopped one of her escargots into one of my little empty cylinders!

Yep, that’s it there – it looks a LOT like a baked mushroom. All dark and covered in buttery sauce.

And, really, I honestly only had like 1.5 glasses of rose wine at this point, but somehow, I got coerced into eating that fine little french delicacy.

And, let’s just say – it wasn’t my favorite.

Like, not by a longshot.

It was all rubbery and gummy and all I could think about are the cute little guys that are ALL OVER my garden right now, climbing up the trees and all over the patio with their little antennae slowly feeling the air for their next move. Gosh, I think I am really going to become a vegetarian pretty soon.

So, as you can see – I didn’t like it.

That night Byron had to go to Toulouse for a week full of meetings and work and my sister and I headed over to his boss’s house for a little cocktail BBQ party. It was fun to talk with their neighbors who are French – it truly is amazing what body language can help out where your vocabulary fails you. It was so much fun to speak with them and try to explain where I lived to them – there were point in conversations where we had to bust out “the bible” as Jeanes-Jacques called it (the iPhone Google Translate App), but otherwise it was a good evening. We left after dark, which means pretty late this time of year, plopped the kids into bed and proceeded to stay up way too late, Skyping our parents and just talking.

It was a good weekend!

On a side note, I honestly don’t know how bloggers can post something every day! I thought it was going to be a breeze to have material, upload pictures and type it all out, but man, between the kids constantly needing my attention, the laundry that always needs to be done (it doesn’t help that the washing machine is the size of a chlorine bucket) and the unpacking and organizing and going to the grocery store… Oh, sorry, I know that sounds like I’m complaining, I really am not – but it is HARD keeping up a blog! 🙂

More on getting our stuff later – off to make dinner and make sure that Brannan isn’t throwing some foreign object in the upstairs toilet – because he has been really really quiet up there for at least 20 minutes…


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