This is our new friend – TreePad

We were in the pool this afternoon and noticed Zeffie sniffing around in the garden and lo and behold! A turtle!

I asked Brannan what he wanted to name him and he himmed and hawed and finally came up with “TREEPAD!”

Whatever – I love kiddos imaginations.

We gave him (or her, not sure) a little watermelon – didn’t seem to care too much for that and then just fawned over the whole fun idea of finding a turtle in your backyard while swimming in the pool!

The picture is a little decieving as Byron’s arm looks all huge compared to the turtle, but that thing is maybe 1.5 pounds or so and probably as big as a baseball glove.

It has been a super busy weekend – we finally got our shipment of stuff from the “States” and I am happy to report that I am sleeping in my american king-sized, high off the floor, smooshy, lovely, smelly good, perfect, fresh sheeted bed and I couldn’t be happier! Oh, and the plethora of shoes and winter clothes and kids clothes and dog beds and toys and more toys and more toys! It was seriously like Christmas here for this past weekend. I have pictures for that too. But, I’m exhausted and just had to share TreePad with you.


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