The trash

We live a little bit of a walk away from the garbage and the recycle bins, so taking stuff out involves either waiting until one or both children are in bed or one adult is home to supervise the awake ones. So, one night while the kids were being entertained by Daddy, I grabbed my camera (and the trash of course) and headed out to the trash bins.

I came across this:

This is the coolest flower I think I have ever seen. I have no idea what it is, it could be a weed for all I know, but it smelled like grape-flavored Hubba Bubba. I swear, it smelled so sweet I just wanted to pick it and bottle it. Plus, it is a 3D flower! The thing has like 5 separate levels to it. But, the smell, oh the smell! That is one thing about flowers around here, they smell so sweet! After the many years I worked in a flower shop, I never came across an Iris that smelled! The purple Irises here smell like grape Pez! Amazing!

This is the view across the street from the 3D flower:

The tree there on the left, has the most beautiful ivy growing up the side of it.

Once I got back to our yard, I had to snap a picture of the lavender. We have about 10 of these huge lavender bushes all over the property and everywhere you walk you either smell rosemary or lavender.

It looks like a big exploding firework display!

Who knew taking out the trash could be so nice?


2 thoughts on “The trash

  1. That crazy flower is a passion flower. From which we get the passion fruit. You should check the vines for fruit In a few months. I love the pictures!

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