I am from…

I am from dripping sweet tangerines picked from the tree in our front yard, from Pop Rocks and macaroni and cheese.

I am from the hot summer days in the pool and endless pruny fingers.

I am from the homegrown tomatoes and chives, the meticulously cut lawn. 

I am from matching home-sewn outfits, brown eyes and brown hair, from the small family unit we created.

I am from the sweetest-smelling cigar smoke and home cooked meals.

From “don’t climb the cherry trees” and “look with your eyes, not with your hands.”

I am from Firebirds with T-Tops, silver bullets and Chevy Luv’s.

I’m from hot, humid days, from pierogies, cole slaw, lasagna and potato salad.

From the impromptu roller skating recitals in the garage for the neighbors, the school delays thanks to fog, and the sweetest corn on the cob dripping with butter from the local “you-pick” farm.

From family road trips to apple farms, to beaches and to ancient redwood forests.

I am from all over, from houses on both coasts but my home will always be wherever in the world I am with the people I love. 




(The template to make your own can be found here.)



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