Catching up

So, before we left, there was a torrential downpour. One that lasted almost two days. And, if you know our dog, she really really really doesn’t like rain, or wet, or pools, or moisture really. She kindof abhors all things related to water. Which is funny because the friend who told us that we should (absolutely, you totally need her, she would be an awesome addition to your family) adopt her told us that she would really benefit from “water therapy”.

Ahem. Ha ha. Cough cough.

Try getting that dog to go out and pee on a wet lawn after sleeping for 12 hours straight! Mind you, it isn’t raining. It isn’t even cloudy. There are maybe just a few drops of dew on the grass from the overnight moisture. Or, god forbid, the outside entrance mat is soaked with rain – she


The biggest downpour before we leave for 12 days.

There was a LOT OF RAIN!

I felt so bad putting our poor little dog in a kennel for 12 days! I know, I know, she will be fine, but, awwww, poor little thing!

Anyway, the rain was kinda cold and it made the pool steam up. It was pretty neat that I caught it on the camera.

So. She was in the kennel. We were gone for 12 days. She survived. All is good.

Now we are back and the kids are settling back in.

So, yeah, she is settling in.

We don’t have any toys for the kids. They are surviving on a basket full of toys that is about the size of a gallon water jug. There is a Spider Man action figure, a Spider Man bad guy figure, two baby babies that Kinnerly will have nothing to do with, two Weeble Wobbles and I think some bottle caps, about 12 wine corks and some pens and pencils that neither of the kids will have anything to do with.

I am really glad that we are going to get our “stuff” on July 1st.

It is going to be Chrismas in July as my SIL said.

And, not just because we are getting our “stuff”. But, really, because I have NO IDEA what is going to be arriving here! Seriously. I don’t know if we are going to get our bed linens or our towels or the blankets from our front room. It is a mystery as Brannan would say. Things happened so fast when they were packing us up, I can’t really recall what I said I wanted to go to France and what I wanted to be kept in storage for three years.

It will be a fun surprise.

Tonight we had our French lessons. They are going well. We have learned how to go to a restaurant and how to say some basic verbs. This will be interesting, indeed. But now, it is time for me to go dans la chambre (to my room). It has been a very long day with a little tiny child looking at me like this all day long…







So, now I need to pick  her up, put her in the bath because she is crawling all over the place, and go to bed myself.

Au revoir!


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