Back in the States

Well, we are “back in the States” as Brannan would say. It is really funny when he calls it “the States”, makes me crack up – as he knows the difference between here and France. Sometimes we will be walking through an airport and he will ask “is this France?” and really we are in London or Phoenix. Poor little guy. He will get it one of these days.

So, we are here taking care of some paperwork legalities and picking up a few items that are sorely missed over in France. Like hot sauce and NyQuil and Q-tips. There are little things that are hard to get used to. Of course they have Q-tips, but not the official kind. They have their own brand that once you put them into your ear after a nice hot shower will bend in half and scrape the inside of your ear. They aren’t the super squishy strong Q-tips that we know and love. And, plus, my husband is a bit of a Q-tip afficionato.

Our days have start with a nice big “american” breakfast complimentary of the hotel and then go quickly into a morning nap for the baby and some quiet time for Brannan while he watches some Sesame Street and Curious George. Then we go running around town to all the familiar haunts – Target, Fry’s, Ross to name a few. Around 12:30 or 1 it is really hot getting the kids in and out of the car and they are tired and hungry so we head back to the hotel for afternoon naps.

After Daddy gets home, the evening usually consists of swimming! The kids are loving it. Brannan sort of lost his swimming skills over the winter but has quickly gained them back. We bought him a life jacket while we were in France just in case he needed it in the Sea or even in out pool, but I think it will be put away for Kinnerly to use when she is ready for a life jacket.

Kinnerly is getting the hang of the water. She wants to blow bubbles from her floating island. I’m sure she will be a natural just like her big brother.

Sometimes she isn’t so happy though.

But, she will get over it quickly since her birthday is coming up! I can’t believe that she is going to be 1 already! Only a handful of days are left before her big birthday. We are super lucky since her Auntie Chris is coming in town for the weekend too! We are going to have a little birthday party with the family and watch her dig into some cake. I haven’t planned her France birthday yet, but perhaps she can dig into an eclair or something delicious like that.

This week is filled with errands and one last visit with friends and family before we go back. I don’t think we will be back “stateside” for quite some time. I hear my little monkey waking up from her morning nap now. It is time to get on with the day!


“Now that is one mischevious monkey!” -The Cat in the Hat


One thought on “Back in the States

  1. Welcome back to the States -or as the Italians used to say, “Yooza” (USA). Hope you get everything settled and have a safe trip back to France. I’m loving the blog. WONderful photos of Ile Saint Honorat!

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