Palme d’or

Sunday night was the final day of the Cannes Film Festival, but we didn’t really partake in any of it. I happened to turn on the tv at just the right time, about 2 awards before the Palme d’or, and I actually know about the film that won! I really want to see the film that won, too – and I saw the trailer before it won! Ok, ok, I’m not saying I am any sort of film afficionato or anything – maybe it was because Brad Pitt is the star??!? Ah ha! No, really, I tried to catch up on my Canes films and that was one of the ones that I really want to see. Perhaps my girlfriend in AZ will go see it with me when we are back there in a week!!!

This weekend was fun, and FAST! Saturday we went to San Remo, ITALY (!!!) for the day. It was a great time. Not a far drive at all, only an hour and a few minutes from our place – add the few minutes for all the toll boths that you need to go through!

We started out with the town center – a TON of people and vendors in the little alleyways selling fake handbags and linen dresses, flowers, sunglasses and hats. We navigated through the streets as best we could with the two little ones.

We stopped for snacks…

We saw lots of flowers and cactuses and fun touristy things to buy.

I think the most fun, though, was getting gelato for Brannan! We walked into the big restaurant and he stuck his face to the glass with all the gelato flavors and instantly said “I want the DARK CHOCOLATE one mom!” Not, the milk chocolate, or mint chocolate chip or raspberry – the dark chocolate!

That is MY BOY!!!!

PS – I LOVE dark chocolate – take after my own Mom!!!


One thought on “Palme d’or

  1. Great photos, Cathi! I feel like I’m strolling along there with you all. (And big hugs for Brannan. -I’ve got big hugs for ANYONE who loves dark chocolate!)

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