Out of order

I just thought this was the saddest picture of Brannan when we were packing up our stuff. Although the whole ordeal only lasted 4 or 5 days, the day they took the TV was the saddest for him. It was pretty funny because the mover guys were all debating who was going to have to literally pull the plug on him. It is just really funny how this picture came out.

It is just so sad how Patrick Starfish has this super sad look on his face and Brannan is just laying in an empty room…

He’s pretty happy here in France though!



2 thoughts on “Out of order

    • A little. But, we are hardly ever home for him to watch TV. I will only let him watch for a tiny bit if he has time before we are off to school. Otherwise, if we really need some down time, he can watch a movie – we brought ALL of his movies and luckily, the DVD player in the house plays US movies (little fact, if you buy a DVD player in France, they won’t play US movies – strange, huh?). But, we have really been trying to encourage him to do a lot more outside as we have practically a whole fenced-in acre of yard to play in! 🙂

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