Valbonne market

Today, after dropping Brannan off at school, the baby and I went to walk around the Valbonne outdoor market that they hold every Friday morning. I drive through this little town twice a day on the way to school, so I only found out about the market last week while driving to school. Today, we finally didn’t have something imperative to take care of, so we were free to do a little sightseeing. It is a cute little village, pretty small, only a couple of blocks big, but there are restaurants and apartments tucked inside this little tiny village block. Everyone comes out in the morning to display their wares from gauzy dresses and scarves to table linens made in France. There were lots of olive plates and homemade tapenades and even some Paremsan from Italy.

The tiny child quickly became hungry and we scoped out the only crepe stand in the village and waited patiently for the owner to come back and cook us some crepes.

This little child LOVES crepes “avec sucre”!

Oh man, she can wolf one down in like 3 minutes flat! I haven’t tried the Nutella version for her yet, but I know she will love it! Did you know that I can’t even find peanut butter here! In all the grocery stores I’ve been to, I’ve yet to find a little jar of peanut butter. There will sometimes be little “american” sections of the stores with Old El Paso salsa and the random six pack of Dr. Pepper, but alas, no peanut butter! Brannan has been adjusting just fine to the Nutella. He loves it. Or, maybe he doesn’t even know and is just eating his Nutella and jelly sandwich thinking it isn’t peanut butter. Anyway, Kinnerly still doesn’t have any teeth, but she loves to eat the crepes and she couldn’t eat this one fast enough.

This is our wonderful crepe artisan.

I had a savory crepe with goat cheese, tomatoes and a pickled onion confit. It was delicious!

Now we are off on our second journey of the day – to the L’Eclerc for some household items.

A bientot!

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