Yesterday the Cannes Film Festival started. I think it lasts for a week and a half. I have been told by the locals to just avoid the city of Cannes for that whole time. But then the Monaco Grand Prix starts just after the Festival ends, so I guess this month will be really busy with tourists trying to get everywhere. Luckily, we are far enough out in the “country” that I haven’t really experienced much of the traffic. Poor Byron, though. He has to drive straight through all of that mess to get to and from work every day. He works directly across the beach and only about a half mile from where all the action is going on.

Last night he and one of his co-workers went out after work to grab a bite to eat and watch everything that was going on. He said that they have massive video screens everywhere and you can watch the movie stars come out of their limos or do whatever they are doing. I guess he saw Uma Thurman coming out of her limo. If you are interested, here is the link for all the happenings:


I have been listening to “Riviera Radio” while I drive around and they were talking up the movie “Midnight in Paris” that is directed by Woody Allen. It actually looks pretty good.

Here is the trailer: http://www.festival-cannes.fr/en/mediaPlayer/11018.html

Anyway, I think I might need to make a trip to Nice one of these days so I can go to the theater and watch a movie or two.

This week has had its ups and downs. On Monday night one of the circuit breaker panels blew and it tuned off power to part of the kitchen and the automatic sliding gate that lets us in and out of the property. We called the landlord and he came over at about 10pm that night to look at everything and tell us he couldn’t do anything. Great. So, for Tuesday and Wednesday we had to operate the gate manually – getting out of the car to open and shut it – kindof annoying, but not a major hassle. Then, on Wednesday morning, Byron had the luxury of a cold shower before work because the electric company came by on Tuesday and sort of reset everything which made our water heater kick off during the night. Luckily, since the electrician was already on his way to fix the gate problem, he fixed the water heater problem too. All is back on track again, except last night the neighbors came over to tell me that their septic system was overflowing! And, to top it all off, they thing that our septic system is tied into theirs and to not be surprised if ours overflowed! Holy cow!  Well, luckily, nothing like that happened in the middle of the night. Whew!

I have met the neighbors. Surprisingly enough, they are both from England, and one is part Scottish too, but they speak perfect English (drat! I’m trying to get my French better!) and we have been invited to one of the neighbors houses for a Saturday afternoon visit.

Today not much is going on – I’m on a mission for an Espresso machine and I’m just waiting for Kinnerly to wake up from her morning nap.

Happy Thursday to you all!



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