One week!

Well, we have been here for one whole week and it feels like it just flew by.

Brannan got adjusted to school and now he goes for the whole day! This week he had English in the morning and French in the afternoon but next week it switches and there will be French in the morning and English in the afternoon. I’m sure he will do just fine with it all. He has started singing me songs in French (although they aren’t understandable), but at least he is understanding that things are different in another language.

Here’s Kinnerly waiting for Brannan at his little cubby:

This week also got us connected – finally! It is nice to have a phone now just in case something happens. It is a little strange not having a phone after having a cell for so long. I would feel guilty being away from the house in case something happened to Brannan and the school needed to call me to pick him up or something. But, now we are connected and all is good! Getting a contract was a long process though. Our liason had to help us through it all and it took over an hour. The kids weren’t particulary happy hanging out in a tiny cell phone store for over an hour. But, I treated them to ice cream in hopes of making up for it.

Brannan had chocolate and Kinnerly and I shared Framboise (raspberry)

Yesterday we went to Nice to check out the outdoor market they have every day. It was nice to walk around and check some new stuff out. We got a couple of treats, nothing big, some pistachios, some walnuts, an almond paste pig – yeah, kinda funny, but Brannan really wanted it and he ate the whole thing! I thought it was going to make him sick, but he loved it. Here are some of the almond paste confections:

It was a nice day and a good end to the week.

Today is Mother’s Day – but only in the US. I don’t think they do that sort of thing over here. Plus, the kids (aka Dad) forgot, so it’s no big deal.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mommies reading!



4 thoughts on “One week!

  1. Oh, Happy Mother’s Day, Cathi, to a wonderful mom. Anyone willing to feed her kids marzipan pigs is a great mom. Took me a while to give in to Sean when he was that age and wanted Pop Rocks.

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