A routine

Part of the backyard…

Well, we are headed for a routine. It hasn’t quite established itself just yet, but we are trying.

The alarm clock didn’t work this morning and we woke up 20 minutes late. Did I mention I HATE being late? I really really really will do everything possible to not be late for something. I’ll forgo a shower, a tooth brushing, breakfast, whatever it takes. So, yeah, I didn’t wash my hair this morning or have breakfast. But, hey, we were ON TIME! Ha! Take that alarm clock that doesn’t work!

Brannan had his first day at his bilingual school today. He only went for the first half of the day though because they wanted to integrate him into it. And, seeing as how their school goes all day long, they didn’t want to overwhelm him. But, I picked him up at 11:20 and he was as happy as a clam. He wanted to stay for lunch too. I told him that he could stay tomorrow. He did complain a little in the car that he couldn’t speak French and all the other kids could. I told him not to worry, that he was going to be speaking French very soon. He seemed pleased with that.

I really like the school a lot. They have so many toys, they use the Montessori method in their teachings and they have a super clean facility. When I dropped Brannan off this morning there were at least 20 brand new cans of Play-Doh on the tables waiting to be played with. Their lunches are brought in every day and are completely organic. The food has to be brought in as the building isn’t equipped for high volume cooking. He said he is really excited to go back and wants to invite all the kids and his teachers to his birthday party! Awww!

After dropping Brannan off, I wanted to go to one of the bigger grocery stores to look for other things I need like measuring cups and measuring spoons and tupperware. Instead, I ended up getting lost and heading halfway to Nice and then driving down to the coast to a little tiny store that I thought was the big store. It wasn’t so bad though, the weather is nice and I have a GPS that can tell me how to get back home or to Brannan’s school or wherever I need to go.

Today has been busy and I just keep thinking of our dog who is going to be boarding a plane in a little less than 5 hours! I hope she does ok and isn’t too stressed out. My fingers are crossed! I do know, once she gets here, she is going to have a BLAST eating snails and chasing lizards in our big backyard.



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