We have arrived

We arrived on Friday night – pretty late considering we missed our connection in London. It was that Royal Pain Wedding that made us miss our connection!

So, we arrived in Nice about 9pm and then got all of our bags (6 checked bags!) into two separate cars and go to our house around 10:30.

Yes, it really isn’t that far away from the airport, but by the time you get your cars and get your bags loaded and the kids loaded and sign contracts and whatnot – it ends up taking 1.5 hours!

I couldn’t sleep the first night. I was so excited to put things away and to open all of the cabinets and all of the closets to see what I was going to have to work with. I couldn’t help but turn on every light switch to see how they all worked and how they turned off each other (IKEA by the way, so they are all strangely switchable).  We finally got the kids into bed and wished that we had a bottle of wine to wind down our trip with. Alas, nothing was open that late at night and there wasn’t a bottle in sight. Word to those relocators/contract signors: please please please leave a “welcome home” bottle of wine at each and every place you sign. Especially those overseas!

Anyway, we finally went to bed, really late, maybe 1am, and, of course, I woke up at 4 and couldn’t sleep again. I just had to start poking around this huge house again and looking for things to check out.

But, by this time  (around 6AM) I was absolutely famished and had to get out the computer to see which grocery store opened first. Of course, none opened first. They all open at 8:30AM! Definitely a far cry from the 6AM I am used to (or even open 24 Hours) in Tempe. I finally made it there and purchased yogurt, milk, a baguette, a salami tray and some juices – that would stave off my hunger, and everyone else’s) for a bit!

Well, I walked the halls, putting away this and that, but not too much to offend the landlord who was supposed to come by at 10AM and show us the little idiosyncracies of the house. Just between me and you, it is a bit like a bachelor pad with the Veuve Cliquot empty boxes in the area above the kitchen cabinets… I mean, sheesh, it’s like a college kid lining up all the different bottles of beer for display! Yeah – cool – you drink Veuve Cliquot – wow. I’m (not) impressed…

Anyway, Saturday was a whirlwind. With the landlord here and going to E.Leclerc (France’s version of Super Target – kindof) for a few things. The day seemed to fly by.

Now, it is Sunday night and we are gearing up for a whole new beginning of our adventure! Brannan is scheduled to go to school at 8:30AM tomorrow and Byron will start work as well. We just are jumping right in.

I do have to say, though – the days here are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!

Perfect weather! 67 degrees, sunny, not a wind in sight and perfect for driving around with the windows down.

I really really really don’t miss that heat of Arizona.


3 thoughts on “We have arrived

  1. This is all too exciting, Cathi. And I’m so impressed (and grateful) you’ve got a blog! Now I can follow along with the family on your great adventures.

    Put your camera in overdrive. You have such an artistic eye. I’m sure you ferret out fabulous photos of toutes choses français.

    And don’t knock Veuve Cliquot – it’s one of my favorites! I’ll expect some when I come visit.

    • Oh, believe me, I’m not knocking it – in fact, we polished off 5 bottles in one afternoon saying goodbye to Rob and Nancy! It was delicious! But, I guess I’m just not into keeping the empty boxes around!
      I’ll definitely buy a couple of bottles when you come! 🙂

  2. What a great idea – – blogging about your adventure! I’ll be living vicariously through you guys 🙂 Glad your trip went okay without major issues!
    Love from the Brown’s

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